On 12th November, JUMP played High Wycombe. Here are a few of the Facebook comments:

Brilliant gig. Due to family medical stuff it was the first time I'd seen Jump for probably at least 5 years... maybe more like 7. But the sound and the vibe was brilliant and seeing Jump get an award was wonderful. Best night out in many years - Jump were simply awesome.
David, Hants

Best gig of 2016. The setlist was outstanding, especially the return of Blind Birds & Keep the Blues.
Darrell, Gloucs.

Was rather special wasn't it!
Terry, Southampton

The band were spot on, really enjoyable evening, never fail to please!

Tina, Hants

Brilliant gig - as usual
Rob, Hemel Hempstead

Oh so special!
Lin, Ashford


Dear JUMP... a few words about the album. I don't know if you recall, but we came to the Aylesbury gig having been a bit lapsed of recent years for one reason and another. We had 'The Beachcomber' but had really lapsed in gigs. We were coming regularly at the time between the Fish tour in '97 and about 2003.. Beethovens in Reading, Nag's Head, TJ O'Reillys, Putney, etc. Also the "That would make a good album cover" gig in Aylesbury with the "A Man was Made" painting. Somewhat more sporadically after that, with surprise babies, illnesses and what-not and I'm sure there was a brief revival at The Nag's Head in about 2009 which we came to.
The thing is, sometimes things just work out. We might not have seen the Aylesbury gig advertised, we might not have bought tickets, we might have not chosen Fish on his own, we might not have chosen Jump on their own. I'm just glad we did get tickets. Sometimes you take things for granted and it's only when you've been apart you realise the value of something. That Aylesbury gig was like having a pint with your best mate who's been away for a while… it felt right, it felt good and I knew we'd made the right decision.... Read Malc's amazing, insightful and extremely eloquent review in full here!


Today nice Mr. Postie delivered, all the way from Progrock Wales, a copy of The Black Pilgrim by Jump, what an extraordinarily beautiful and moving album it is. Mr. John Dexter Jones I salute you :)
Grant, Stevenage

Brilliant, brilliant gig at Cambridge, good to see you do a full set, bought the CD, great listening on the way home!

Steve, Higham Ferrers

Is it possible to damage the USB stick of an MP3 player from repeatedly playing an album ?? If so there is a possibility that Over the Top may turn out more expensive than I thought ;)

Rob, Hemel Hempstead

A great band, great CD. A band I discovered only recently via John Young and Lifesigns, seen them live now 4 times and simply cant wait until the next time.

Paul, Leighton Buzzard

We patiently waited for the release date to arrive, we logged on, paid our money by paypal and waited. It should be with you in two days... but I'd ordered mine on a Friday, maybe, just maybe it'd arrive on Monday, but no...I had to wait until Wednesday... but that wait took me back to those Wish You Were Here days. It rekindled the excitement of a time long gone... that wait, to carefully open your new cd, to read the notes and listen as soon as you possibly could. "Over The Top" does not disappoint. I have every Jump album, I have been to more gigs than I remember, I love this band! And this album? It's simple... it's as good as all the others! A brilliant cover, one that Storm Thorgerson could have made and tracks that are not just well written, they are sung, played and produced to the highest level of quality. The wait is over. Was it worth it? You bet! Nick, Northants

It's a wonderful album. I've played it so much, I can now 'almost' get through Johnny V without sniffling, or worse, singing along... ( I LOVE that song) Claire, Herts

I have recently had a listen to Over The Top and have to congratulate all concerned, may well be your best ever, Sir. Guitars and vocals outstanding all round, lovely stuff. Geoff, Beds

Spent 6-7 hours in the car going to Norfolk and back this week and listened to it over and over ... each time hearing nuances that I'd missed on the previous play. Detailed musicianship at its best.
Bill, Reading

"Over The Top" instantly grabs your attention  but has you going back for repeated listens and has you digging deeper for even more joyous sounds.  This will be a definite in The Rock Surgery's "Best of 2016".

Chris Roberts, DJ at The Rock Surgery, Mon Fm

Jump are the consummate band. You really do get a complete performance whether a support slot or the full headline show.

Dave Filby, Hampshire

...the incomparable Jump. Playing for the CRS in Maltby last night. One of the best gigs I've seen in a long time. Perfect sound, sublime performances, impeccable showmanship and well over two hours of top quality entertainment. There was a lot of love in the room.

Brian, York

You have every right to be pleased with the review. You have, after all, created an exceptionally good album. Nay, brilliant album.

Rob - Yorkshire

Congratulations to all of you. It is in my truly humble opinion, a masterpiece.
Nic - New Zealand

Well, 2 of the 3 CDs ordered arrived today including mine! I have been listening intently to "Over The Top" in the car this afternoon. I was expecting to give it 10/10 having already heard some of the songs "live" over the past few months and as I listened to it, I knew this was the case. But then I came to "This Beach" and the bar was cleared even higher.
This CD was now even better than I thought it would be... until I came to Track 9...
"50" just blew me away. One of those "once in a while" tracks that just hits you in the face.
John and the band... you have excelled beyond belief with "Over The Top". I can't wait to hear it in its entirety at Aylesbury.

Rob - Manchester

We'll, you have done it again the CD is brilliant not a bad track on it it's a credit to you all give the band our love and a big pat on the back see you soon keep up the good work its worth it.
John - Manchester

There's few things that I look forward to more than a new Jump album. Not even a takeaway curry on payday after a hard week or a pint of Triple fff Moondance. But there's danger in anticipating these little pleasures. Every so often you get a pint that is 'off' or a curry that makes you wonder about the provenance of the meat.
But fear not. Jump have produced an absolute blinding album. Its a curry with all the right spices (and no gristly bits). It's a perfectly kept and poured beer. It is splendid, it is their best yet and it is on continuous repeat at the moment.
Cheers chaps for making a stonking album, and helping restore my faith in anticipating joy from the little things in life.

David - Hampshire

Have to say - Over The Top is an amazing piece of work from a band I have had the pleasure to follow from the first album all those years ago. Hope we get to share a stage again in the not too distant future, love to JDJ, Mo, Steve, Ronnie, Mark and Andy, see you out there sometime soon xxx
Mark Colton - CREDO

So impressed with Over the top - brilliant lyrics and amazing musicianship which has been lifting my spirits all weekend! As a fan of 25 years I can honestly say this album rates at the top of my Jump collection - can"t wait for the Limelight gig!
Joanna - Aylesbury

Listening to Over The Top, the new long player from this superb band, fronted by the remarkable John Dexter Jones. It's another damn fine album!
Richard - Chelmsford

Just had my first full listen to the album. I'm seriously impressed with it and would recommend it to anyone. Only problem is, now I'm going to have to undertake a lengthy delve into your back catalogue! great album folks. Best of luck with it.
Eddie - Lanarkshire

Well I must say... John Dexter Jones & the guys have nailed it with this new album... cracking album... and they are coming to the heady metropolis of Wolverhampton on September 10th with a gig at the Newhampton Arts Centre!!!!
Gary - Wolverhampton

Well I've had some time with the cd now, had a fair few listens and I ought to say what I think.
I was apprehensive when I heard that it hadn't got the acoustic feel of the last album because I really enjoyed that. But I needn't have worried. You've taken the best of that and mixed it up with some electric guitars, some keyboards and a rockier feel in places to create a smashing blend.
In some ways, it's the perfect album... some definite early favourites and at least a couple of tracks which I just didn't "get" early on. But you listen a few times and new gems are unearthed and certain songs or passages in songs start to make sense. There were a couple of vocals which sat uneasily at first, but I'm already changing my mind on those.
The bottom line is this... I love the album. Some cracking tunes, some fascinating lyrics excellently delivered and... some surprises, which is always good. Thanks and congratulations on another album to be really proud of. When's the next one coming out?

Richard - Fort William

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