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The Wreck of the Saint Marie

They see lights and the last days play on their minds,
Like tricksy wisps that they'll never find
In dreams by the fire and pints on the bar,
When a lamp on the cliff shines death from afar...

The Saint Marie has run aground with silver, gold and spice,
She's listing like a pissed jack-tar, she's holed and fast,
She's broke her mast.

The Saint Marie has seen the lights but that she saw was wrong,
She's fallen for the wrecker's beams, in two she's snapped,
On the rocks she's wrapped.

They see lights and the false hopes flicker and rise
In the misty murk when the crow's nest cries
What seems is a liar, deceives with a friend
The lamp on the cliff shines a way to the end...

For the Saint Marie

The Saint Marie has lost her crew, they're jumping for the shore,
They waving but they've no chance now, they're gone and drowned
Without a sound.
The Saint Marie's a sitting duck, she's ready to be plucked,
The tide has left her high and dry,
The night's long still to bag our fill.

Of the Saint Marie

The Saint Marie's a carcass now, her salted bones are stark,
She's silent save a lone gull's cry but more will come,
Work's to be done...

Aboard the Saint Marie (x4)

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