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Johnny V

When they buried Johnny V, the old cathedral shook to metal,
Twisted Sister in fine fettle - what a song, song, song
Another local star, appointed by the bar to spin the soundtrack of our lives
And now he's gone, gone, gone.

I can see him shake his head now, a silk scarf, blue bandana
A plastic bag of records, imagination fired
Arguing the toss about the latest Motley Crue or more obscure LP
He'd recently acquired...

For all you have, you have nothing
So just be loved and love and and know that you belong
We can't live for some tomorrow, just to drown ourselves in sorrow
I'll leave everything I've got inside a song

When they bury you and me, I guess they'll bury very little,
Just some bags of bones and it'll be so long, long, long -
Cos if we ever even had it, we couldn't take it with us
I hope our children will forgive us if we were wrong, wrong, wrong...

For all you have you have nothing
So just be loved and love and know where you belong

And don't go gently, don't you fade away into anybody's night
Don't you hold your cap in your hands like you've given up the fight,
When that hand is on your shoulder and you know your time is come,
Don't leave anything behind you that you'd always wished you'd done

...he spun the soundtrack to my life and now he's gone.

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